Doma Hermíny Týrlovy

Hermína Týrlová's House, Zlín
Today is the 15th anniversary of Hermina's death.

Yesterday, by chance, I happened to meet an old friend of Hermina's by her gravesite in Lesní hřbitov (Forest Cemetery). 83-year-old Marta had also worked in the nearby Zlin Film Studios and is now living in the house where Hermina had lived for many years. The two were very good friends. I was touched when she invited me to see the little house, which was filled with things Hermina had created for her puppet films. Above is a little cat she painted on a window in between the kitchen and living room. This image captures the simplicity and playfulness inherent in so many of Hermina's animated films for children.


huckster said...

What a charming picture and story. I am curious if you know where Zdeněk Liška is buried? I've always presumed near Zlín, as is home was there. As you know, he provided the music for so many of Týrlová's films.

I am a bit of an obsessive Liška fan - you might be interested in a talk about him I have just finished for TotallyRadio :


You shouldn't need to log in or register to hear the show, just click on the listen symbol, and select Window Media Player under "Choose your player"

Alternatively, go to :


and click on the box headed "new edition online ..." which should open the show in a player for you

Warm regards, Joe Walker

Alex said...

Joe: I recently found out that Liška 's final resting place is not Zlin. He is buried in his hometown of Smečno in Bohemia.


huckster said...

Thanks for this discovery - fantastic! I once spent a few hours nosing around Smečno to find anything I could about Liška. The modest house he was born was easy to find, it has a plaque. I lurked around in the the main cemetery but couldn't locate a grave. I'll have to go back and get a picture some day. Best, Joe

Anonymous said...

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