Whirlwind Christmas

Rosie the performer steals the show on Christmas Day.

And in other news:

It seems that I have been 'tagged' by a certain, bespectacled, and recently returned to the mother country Fulbrighter and so I must respond. Here are my instructions:

Find the nearest book.
Turn to page 123.
Go to the fifth sentence on the page.
Copy out the next three sentences and post to your blog.
Name the book and the author, and tag three more folks.

"Trnkův scénáristický spolupracovník, jemný a kultivovaný Jiří Brdečka, natáčí s Kamilem Lhotákem secesní příběh zamilovaného vzduchoplavce Vzducholod' a láska, jenž získává hlavné cenu v Montevideu. Trnka sám režíruje v roce 1948 další celovečerní loutkový film, kombinovaný s hraným rámcem, na motivy Andersenovy pohádky Císařův slavík. Jeho loutka se v něm dále uvolnuje a vyvíjí a Trnka-výtvarník se v něm předstihuje s Trnkou-filmařem a Trnkou-básníkem."

(Jiri Brdecka, a mild and cultivated man who was also the co-writer of Trnka's scripts, created a fin-de-siecle story about an aeronaut in love, called "Airship and Love", which won the main award at Montevideo. In 1948, Trnka directed another full-length puppet film, framed with real actors, from Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale "The Emperor's Nightengale". His puppets develop and become freer, and Trnka the artist catches up with Trnka the filmmaker and poet.)

Český Animovaný Film 1934 - 1994, Written by Jan Poš, Published by Ministerstva kultury České republiky and Ateliery Zlín, Page 23. (The book only has 104 pgs.)

And since this is a game, I would like to follow by tagging MEGAN, NATHAN and KELLY.


Karla said...

That was a very fine choice, but where are Megan, Nathan, and Kelly supposed to post their items? I believe they are currently all blogless.

Alex said...

All the more reason for them to start blogs!

morskyjezek said...


morskyjezek said...

And if they had blogs we might know where they were!

Karla said...

Well, Megan and I did go to see "Double Indemnity" last night. I anticipate seeing her at least once more before I go back to Prague. Nathan appears completely lost, however.