This is not television.

This is alexvision.

View of Pražský Hrad, from Karlův most on a misty March afternoon.


NicGarvey said...

This sounds like a beautiful project that remainds me of "I am a Camera", but in Prague instead of Berlin.
After this evocative picture we hope to have a peak at the city and the people hidden under the mist.
Good luck.

Karla said...

And to think if I had been paying attention last night I could have gotten in the first comment. But no, it was the Skype evening with Dawn and Jesse.

I like the photo but await something a little more specifically Alexvision-like. (As I imagine it.)

NicGarvey said...

Dear Alex,

Your series of photographs is beautiful and it gives an eerie feeling about this incredible city.

I found another blog from the other side of the world that might be a sibling in creativity.


From the other side of the Atlantic